about the dance school

KalaAwishkar was first registered in Pune, India, in the year 2000.
It proudly teaches the Paddukottai and Kalakshetra Style of Bharatnatyam.


This institute has created a harmonious blend of dance and Yoga. The school accepts students of all ages, from students start at the age of four to adults. KalaAwishkar Dance School is currently working on bringing awareness among the dancers in both US and India, to have a fit body and mind. KalaAwishkar has designed exercises for dancers to avoid dance related injuries. The focus is also on toning and preparing the body for the requirements of this dance form.
Students of KalaAwishkar are trained towards attaining a Diploma as well as B.A degree in dance offered through “ Akhil Bharatiya Gandharava Mahavidyalaya” of India. KalaAwishkar has produced and choreographed several dance dramas both in India and US. To name a few, “Geet Ramayan”, ‘”Tichi Goshta/Her Story”, “ShivoHam”, Shiva the self-appeared and ‘Sur Nartan’to name just a few.

Exam Sessions:

There are two exam session every year, April-May session and November-December session. A student can appear only in one exam session in a year for the same art form. However, a student can take exams in both the sessions for different art forms. Students graduate when they complete a total of seven levels and two more levels for completing the masters level.

 The levels are named as follows:

Sangeet Parichay, Prarambhik, Praveshika Pratham, Praveshika Purna, Madhyama Pratham, Madhyama Purna, Visharad Pratham / Upantya Visharad, Visharad Purna.