When she flickers her eyelids, time stands still. With each movement, her ankle bells ring and time soars at lightning speed.

Shraddha Joglekar, the artistic director of Kalaawishkar Dance School, based in San Jose, CA brings to Bharatanatyam her own unique sensibility and individuality. She provides guidance and inspiration, whether in the depth and subtlety of abhinaya, the rigor of nritta or the complex rhythmic patterns in her choreography. Shraddha’s teaching grounds the students solidly and her creative work reveals the endless possibilities of the form of Bharatanatayam.

Young learner

Shraddha started learning Bharatnatyam at the age of 2.5 yrs and has successfully captured this Indian classical dance form under the able guidance of Guru A. Soudamini Rao. At the age of nine, she choreographed an Indian folk dance by taking 10 friends from her class (fourth grade) all by herself! She has won several awards for her school and college in India. She has been choreographing folk, Bollywood and Indian classical dances from a very young age. Along with dance, she has appeared in the Bollywood movie “Legend of Bhagatsingh” and performed at various modeling events throughout her career.


Shraddha holds dual degrees in of Bachelors of Commerce and Bachelors of Arts in Bharatnatyam. She holds an MBA degree in Marketing. Shraddha has conducted Bharatnatyam classes in Pune, India and in San Jose, US training to over 100 students in the past 14 years.