Shraddha is devoted as teacher and a professional

Shraddha feels blessed that she has had the good fortune of learning dance from illustrious Gurus. Her belief is that it is her Gurus’ dedicated training that has helped her carve a niche for herself in the arts and her desire to share the joy of teaching Bharatanatyam to the next generation. Spiritual in attitude, work is worship for her. Shraddha is a talented Bharatanatyam dance exponent and has been in love with dance since her early childhood and it shows clearly in her teaching of the art to her students.



Here are a few testimonials from some of her students and their families.

  • "I was one of Shraddha didi’s first students when she started to teach here in the bay area. Almost 10 years later I am still with KalaAwishkar and it is very clear why. Shraddha didi’s passion and dedication to this dance form is very inspiring, and her positive attitude and upbeat personality makes it so enjoyable to learn from her. Although I have learned Bharatanatyam for several years and successfully completed my Arangetram, every time I watch Shraddha didi perform, I feel inspired to try even harder with my dancing. Over the years, Shraddha didi has been more than just a guru to me, she has become my mentor and sister. I feel honored to have been able to see KalaAwishkar grow as a school, and I look forward to the many opportunities the school will have in the future. I am very proud of my didi’s accomplishments, and I can’t imagine learning this beautiful art form from anyone else."


  • My daughter is a student of KalaAwishkar She has learned a lot and almost in the stage of completing her adavus. Shraddha, the artistic director and dance teacher, is an amazing dancer! Shraddha's dance performances are truly phenomenal! She is an expert in choreography. Hers and her students' dances are mesmerizing. She is very committed to her dance and her students. She works very hard in developing graceful dancers. She is also an excellent person with great personality. Kids are very comfortable with her.

    Her recent show of ShivoHam was an awesome program. Her 5th Anniversary, Grand Samakirtan/Celebration, show was the first one I attended. I was totally fascinated by all of the dancers, including Shraddha.

    Shraddha is like a priceless treasure and I am glad that I found her for my daughter. Even though, her dance studio is a bit far away from where I live, It is truly worth the drive! Last but not the least.... Nothing makes Shraddha more happy than seeing all of her dancers excel!

  • Shraddha Joglekar is an amazing teacher who takes pride in seeing her students excel. She is very dedicated and inspires me everyday. She has helped me become a better dancer. She never ceases to amaze me with her passion for the art of Bharatanatyam. I am so very happy she is my guru.
    --Anya Navar
  • My 6 YO daughter has been learning Bharatnatyam at KalaAwishkar academy for 1.5 years now. We are lucky to find Shraddha as her dance teacher. Shraddha is doing an incredible job with the academy - keeping it pious and yet professional. One thing that strikes me about her is her calmness and smiling face amidst teaching the tiny budding dancers - which by all means require a lot of patience! My daughter loves learning the dance from Shraddha and looks forward to her class. The dance academy offers 'make-up' class as well every Friday, which is very convenient if for some reason one ought to miss their scheduled class on Sunday. To sum it up - my daughter and I are going to be associated for long term with Shraddha and the dance academy!!!