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About 'Yogic Dance'

A unique fitness class designed by Shraddha!

Shraddha Joglekar, the artistic director, has designed a very unique and engaging workout session through this dance form (Bharatnatyam) called as ‘Yogic Dance’! As you know Bharatnatyam and Yoga are parallel and Bharatnatyam is a ‘Yoga’ if Yoga means union.

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Warm up

This unique workout session begins with 20 mints of body conditioning, which helps in stretching the stiff muscles, building the core and warming up the body for dance.

Builid stamina

The class then moves into 25 mints of intricate and easy Bharatnatyam footwork along with hand movements, which are helpful to build stamina, strengthen leg & hand muscles.


In the last 15 mins of the session, participants do hand gestures, which are helpful in stretching the fingers and relaxing them. The session concludes with a deep guided meditation by Shraddha with Indian classical music in the background.

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Yoga means union of body and soul. Our logo reflects the concept of yogic dance with 8 petals representing ashtanga & the dance pose from bharatnatyam

Similarity in Yoga & Indian classical dance

Bharatnatyam / Indian classical dance has been equated to Yoga! The practice of Indian classical dances and other classical arts is said to be akin to meditation. The spiritual, mental and physical discipline required for complete harmony of mind and body is found in yoga philosophy. During meditation, one concentrates on the chakras particularly agnya chakra. The common factor in the practice of yoga and Bharatanatyam, is the fact that both need to concentrate on the chakras (the psycho-physical centers) of the body. The chakras together form “the thought body of the trans-migratory soul.”[2] The chakras lie on the central line of the body that demarcates the left and the right parts of the body (bilateral symmetry).

Who can / cannot attend classes?

  • Indian classical dance is open for all those who love to dance!
  • Those with knee ailments must avoid this workout session, as it involves a lot of squats and deep stretches.

Features & benefits

  • It gives a wonderful cardio workout, improves blood circulation, tones muscles and is good for bone density as it is a contact exercise.
  •  Strengthens the quadriceps muscles and calves
  •  Helps to form good arches on feet
  •  As per reflexology, the pressure points on the sole of the forefeet includes the head/brain and the sensory organs. Hence, the practice of the intricate footwork/ Adavu of Bharatnatyam helps to stimulate the brain and our sensory organs.
  •  The hand gestures of classical dance facilitates blood circulation from the figures to the other parts of the body!
  • With dance therapy arthritis, muscle degeneration, nervous disorder, tennis elbow, tendonitis and knee ailments can be restored.
  • The half-sitting posture/Aramandi in Bharatnatyam helps in strengthening the leg muscles, keeps the back straight & strengthen the backbone.
  • Dancing with keeping the torso straight arouses the ‘Kundalini Shakti’ (Kundalini is often described as dormant serpent energy coiled up at the base of the spine. Imagine a resting snake, coiled eight times, waiting to unleash its magnificent power at the base of a great mountain. She has within her infinite energy potentiating. She is the force of creation, resting, longing to rise up to be in union with consciousness at the heights of spiritual bliss).

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